Is my film project suitable for Purin Pictures?

Applications are open for fiction,  documentary, and animation films over 60 minutes in length.  We do not accept applications for short films.  Omnibus films (several short films produced together with the intent to screen as a feature-length film) are acceptable.   While films can be of any genre, we prioritize independent-minded films with artistic merit.  You may get an idea of what we are looking for by browsing the list of films we have supported in the past.  

What exactly do you mean by Southeast asia?

We define the countries of Southeast Asia as Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Brunei, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam.  To qualify for funding, the director of the film must be a citizen or resident of one of these countries.  Furthermore, the main production company must be based in one of these countries.   As it is Purin Pictures' objective to support the SEA film industry, each project’s overall “identity” will be taken into consideration during the deliberation process.

For which session should I apply?

While you may apply for any session for which you qualify (see regulations), we urge you to apply only if you feel your project is absolutely ready.  The competition for funding is strong, and if your project is not selected, you may not apply again with the same film (unless you are applying for post-production funding, having not received production funding).  Therefore, if you are not completely confident in the status of your project, either creatively or financially, you should wait until the next session.

Can I submit more than one project?

No.  Each director and production company may only submit one project per session.

Can I resubmit a project that was not selected?

If your project is not selected for funding, it may not be resubmitted for the same category again in a future session.  In the case that your project was not selected for production funding, it may however be resubmitted for post-production funding.

If my project already received production funding, may I apply for post-production funding?

Yes.  If your project received production funding in a previous session, you can apply again with the same project for the post-production category.  The project will be judged along with the other submissions for that session with no special consideration.

How many projects are funded per session?

We select 4-5 projects to fund per session or 8-10 per year.  The mix between production and post-production grants will depend on the number and quality of submissions received but the total number of projects selected will always remain the same.

What is a Rights Clearance Form?

A rights clearance form is a document that transfers the rights of the scriptwriter to the producer and officially entitles the producer to use the script for a film project.  In the case that the script is an adaptation, the clearance form must also include the consent of the original creator.  The only case where the form is not necessary is when the writer and the producer are the same person.

FOR THE POST-PRODUCTION GRANT, What is the difference between sound FX editing and sound design?

Sound FX editing fills in the gaps in the production sound.  It adds all the basic practical effects that can be seen in the frame but weren’t properly recorded on set.  For example, a door closing or a car passing by.  Sound design is more creative.  It is sound that is used to create a mood or tell a deeper layer of the story.  For example, the drone sound in a sci-fi film to give a futuristic atmosphere.  Our post-production fund includes sound FX editing but not sound design.

Do you have specific grants for female filmmakers?

Purin Pictures strongly supports the growth of female filmmakers as part of its commitment to promoting under-represented voices in SEA cinema. As such, at least one grant each session will be earmarked for a first or second-time female feature filmmaker. 

What rights does Purin Pictures ask for?

Purin Pictures does not currently ask for any rights to the completed film.  As with all funding bodies, we ask to be credited in the film and on all marketing materials when the film is distributed.  The details of the credit layout will be specified in the agreement.

how do i get in touch?

If you have any further questions, please email us at [email protected]